Job insecurity and unemployment is on the rise.

The manner in which we treat our most vulnerable citizens is a reflection of our City’s
character. In Philadelphia, as in the nation at large, the number of residents facing job
insecurity and unemployment is on the rise. The number of families and children
experiencing food insecurity, lack of health care, and homelessness grows steadily. Our
school district is in shambles. Demand for scarce City and State resources continues to
increase. Even in the face of these challenges, I refuse to allow circumstances beyond our
control to prevent us from improving the quality of life of our most vulnerable citizens.

I am a community-minded attorney and nonprofit executive who has dedicated his life
and career to fighting poverty, strengthening communities, and ensuring equal
opportunity for all Philadelphians. With Philadelphia boasting an embarrassing 28%
poverty rate, I understand that focusing on effective strategies to reduce poverty and
strengthening depressed communities are Philadelphia’s most pressing needs. I believe
that Philadelphia’s abysmal poverty rate is the cause of many of the city’s other ills. As a
young man who successfully lifted himself out of poverty, I have a unique perspective on
how others can do the same. Combining personal experience with research, I also
understand that it takes a mutual effort from government, communities, and individuals.

During the course of my work with Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell, private practice,
the Mayor’s Office of Community Services, and Diversified Community Services, I have
sought new innovative ways to fight poverty and provide opportunity for everyone. In
this site, I have shared some of my ideas as well as experiences that have influenced me.
I believe that even during difficult times, that innovative leadership, dedicated attention
to critical focus areas, and greater collaboration with communities will allow us to meet
the challenges before us. I believe in promoting data driven decision making, advancing
evidence based practices, and holding ourselves, and our partners, accountable for results.

The greater Philadelphia community bares a collective responsibility for those most in
need. United, we can help Philadelphia residents secure jobs, create a home for their
families, and provide their children with the food, care, and education that all of our
residents deserve.

At Diversified Community Services, I work to provide leadership and services that
strengthens and coordinates the Point Breeze community’s efforts on behalf of low-
income children, youth, and families. Through early childhood education, positive youth
development, family and community development, Diversified improves the quality of
life for Point Breeze residents every day. I understand that community development goes
beyond bricks and mortar; but includes providing a 21st century education and economic
security to our most vulnerable citizens. In the face of very serious challenges, the
leadership of Diversified has committed to a results-oriented and impact-driven agenda to
mitigate the impacts of poverty in Point Breeze and its surrounding communities.
During my time at the Mayor’s Office of Community Services (MOCS), I worked to
develop a plan that leverages limited resources and human capital in order to mitigate the
impacts of poverty. MOCS is now equipped with a new Vision for Anti-Poverty Efforts
in Philadelphia, and a comprehensive strategy for realizing it.

My work speaks to the focus and character of a New Philadelphia – as a city dedicated to
the reduction of poverty. It also captures what we know to be true, that is, in order to
achieve sustainable results, we must engage and work collaboratively with key City and
community partners. Thousands of Philadelphians work tirelessly to help families in need
– our efforts gain momentum by empowering and strengthening them. I work to build
organizations that are strategically positioned to leverage this work, and to support the
development, implementation, and assessment of the effective and cohesive strategies
needed to transform this new Vision to a new reality.

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